What is community participation?

When you become a client of the Trust, our community coordinators will work with you and your support networks including family/whānau, to write up a personal plan for your goals and your aspirations and dreams. These are then matched with training, skill enhancement and vocational activities in the community.

Staff will liaise at all times with you, your support networks, family/whānau and other agencies to provide strengths-based, individualised, client directed programmes with a safe and secure pathway to achieving your goals.

We believe that everyone who identifies as a disabled person should have the same opportunities and expectations as other members of society. We will work with you by giving you that extra support, encouragement, and professionalism that will allow you to participate and access opportunities that will help you to meet your expectations in whatever you decide to do.

Our centre and our points of difference

  • Café drop-in space
  • Free tea, coffee, milk, sugar
  • Use of microwave
  • Unlimited filtered water
  • Clean bathroom facilities
  • Personal lockers with own key
  • Quiet spaces, garden & library
  • Board games
  • Use of computers and free email

All our clients are people with disabilities. Everyone has a “safe place” here at our centre to wait for a lift or until their bus goes, or to fill in time between community activities. This is a place to meet up with friends and have a cuppa. It is somewhere to come before going to a part-time job or when they want to check their emails.

The centre always has staff members available to make sure that only clients have use of the facilities and everyone is safe and secure at all times.
Community Participation programme
Do you want more?

Do you want to be involved with your community?

Do you want to make new friends and learn new skills?

Do you want to be more independent and make decisions about your life?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions and you find it difficult to change because of your disability, then talk to us.

At our Trust we will work alongside you to realise your goals and to help enhance and foster your independence at all times.

Some of these things could be:

  • To access community groups that are of interest to you
  • To learn how to catch a bus, read a timetable, get a ‘snapper card’
  • To join up with a community club (sports, book, music, theatre and many others) of your choice
  • To feel safe when out and about
  • Learning to read and write
How do you become a client?

You can become a client if you are living in New Zealand and a citizen or a permanent resident aged between 16 and 65 and you have a disability that is ongoing for more than 6 months that limits your participation in the community.

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