Are you looking for a potential employee or volunteer to add value to your business?

Manaaki Ability Trust assists people with disabilities in preparing for and finding sustainable employment or volunteer roles, and work with local businesses, building relationships and helping to find good staff to complement their team.

Benefits to the business:

  • High performance – disabled employees perform just as well as colleagues without disabilities and often stay in the role longer
  • Lower health and safety issues – an Australian study found that disabled employees averaged one-sixth the recorded occupational health and safety incidents of non-disabled employees
  • Lower rates of absenteeism – the same study found that they were absent from work 85% less than their colleagues without disabilities
  • Save on advertising for the role, we are a free service
  • Meet potential volunteer or employees that have already been screened, upskilled and are work ready

Work experience

Many clients also need work experience to help prepare them for work. These motivated people will work for you as a volunteer for an agreed period – number of weeks, and number of hours per week, that work for you.

Please contact us on 569 3091 or if you would like to explore these opportunities further.

Thanks to the following business/organisation who have employed our clients or provided work experience opportunities.
  • Buzz Café
  • Laughalots Playland
  • Millie’s House Early Learning Centre
  • Monterey Cinemas
  • Preston’s Master Butchers
  • Resene
  • The Local Café
  • The Warehouse, Porirua