The Matrix is our leadership programme which is based on three streams; Health and Wellbeing, Community Participation, and Vocational/Employment. We look to increase education skills by utilising the Literacy Aotearoa literacy and numeracy programme, as well as working on a number of life skills. The group completes projects and tasks to broaden their horizons at home, with their whanau and in their communities. We invite professional speakers so that the group can learn what is happening in our local communities and in employment. We help our clients learn skills to prepare them for opportunities in their communities, for volunteer work, work experience, or paid employment. The Matrix Programme is the steppingstone to be more independent, confident and empowers our clients to strive to make good life decisions.

Discovery Quest

Discover, unlock and explore what you naturally do best by identifying your unique talents. Tap into your talents under the guidance of our very own Strengths Network Accredited Coach and begin to understand your personal self.

We help you to recognise your talents and to determine how best to develop them.

Graduates who have completed the course show a better understanding of who they are and why they do the things they do, resulting in increased confidence and understanding what they can bring to a volunteer role, employment or vocational study. Discovery is a great tool to help us at Manaaki match client’s skills and talents for best matched vocational placements

Duke of Edinburgh Programme

Manaaki Ability Trust supports clients under the age of 24, who wish to complete their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Clients complete their choice of activity for the four sections at each level: Voluntary Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey, completing Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.  Participants are supported during a weekly program, where they can update their progress, connect with each other and share stories, as well as be inspired by those who are also completing Duke of Ed around the world.