The Matrix is a new Programme that is client driven it’s based on three of the five key characteristics of Enabling Good Lives plus employment and volunteering. The five EGL characteristics are:


  1. Self-directed planning and facilitation
  2. Cross government individualised and portable funding
  3. Consideration of the person in their wider context
  4. Strengthening families and/or whänau
  5. Community building to develop natural supports

Plus Employment and meaningful volunteering


The programme itself is an eleven-week series of theory and practical components that look to increase skills, develop leadership, learning to be part of a team, raising self-confidence, understanding their respective communities and engaging with them, enhancing individual strengths and potential.  We work with each of the Matrix trainees and their families to develop a very focused and targeted individual goal plan plus which has paid employment as one of the outcomes.


Each trainee must commit to the programme with 5 key understandings which are respect for each other, on time every time, well presented, being supportive and no swearing, alcohol or drugs.


Trainees are exposed to a series of outside professional speakers who are invited to address the group on things as diverse as motivation with Billy Graham from the Naenae Boxing Academy, to self-advocacy with members of People First and rights with the Health and Disability Commission and a vast array of many other things in-between including, budgeting, literacy, community police work, further education with tertiary providers and making sure their Health Passports are up to date.


The Matrix trainees also learn by doing and many have been engaged in meaningful volunteering roles before they know what occupation they would like to seek paid employment in.  These opportunities are managed by Manaaki Ability Trust and there is regular contact with the firm that is offering the volunteering role and one of our staff.


Manaaki Ability Trust is also forming relationships with local employers and are very confident that more real employment prospects will be achieved for these young people.

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