Manaaki Ability Trust has many programmes at the centre that you can choose to join. Below is a list of some of our programmes.


Learn new skills and techniques while you discover your creative potential. Bring your creative ideas and turn them into reality as an individual or group project. Guidance is provided in a number of mediums and we encourage you to explore other mediums as having fun while being creative is what we are all about.

Cook's Corner

Become confident cooking and baking independently in a safe manner using stove top, microwave, electric fry pans and ovens.

Future Fit

Learn healthy habits to look after yourself and our planet with topics including recycling, reducing waste and making green choices to make our homes and lives healthier.

Mission Possible

Visit the Library and learn how to research a topic that interests you.

Social Media

The social media programme builds your digital skills and knowledge in small easy steps. Topics covered include learning to use Facebook, email and Youtube, searching online timetables for travel, using online accounts including MyMSD and snapper and writing your own CV. Throughout the programme you will learn how to stay safe online.


Learn about yourself and what career you would be interested in and gain confidence for interviews.

Fitness Training

Get fit at our twice weekly training sessions. Tuesday is a social working group and on Thursday volunteer trainers from Les Mills assist us prepare for events in the community including Hutt Fun Run, Color Run and Pelorus Trust Run and Walk.


Be part of one of our garden teams, sew seeds and grow vegetables and flowers. Learn to take care of a garden and harvest what you sew.

Puppet Club

Make your own puppet and learn to animate it. As part of a group write a play and star in a performance.

Stand Up

Improve your communication skills as you share in our public speaking group. Each year we participate in a youth speech competition.

Join the Women’s and Men’s focus groups and client meetings and become an essential part of the centre.