A "Transition Service" for students leaving school

Are you an ORS (Ongoing Resourcing Scheme) Funded College Student leaving School? Our ‘Transition Service’ is for ORS funded students during your last year of college.

The service is designed to assist you with the major decisions that you, your school, family/whānau must make, when moving from school into the wider community. Whether this is into paid or voluntary work, further education, or community programmes.

The four milestones for this programme

Milestone 1 – Meeting you, your family/whānau, school and support network to identify your strengths, talents, aspirations, skills and develop an individual personalised plan.

Milestone 2 – Investigating, researching and identifying work and/or training opportunities.

Milestone 3 – Develop skills linked to your goals

Milestone 4 – Create new ongoing support to assist you achieve your goals.

By the end of the year, together with you and your family/whānau, school and other support networks, we will have managed your transition plan and assisted with your options after you finish school.

Transition from School programme
Do you meet the criteria for access to the Transition Service?
  • Are you an ORS funded student?
  • Are you in your last year of school?
  • Are you between the ages of 16 and 21?
  • Are you a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident currently living in New Zealand?
If you have answered yes to the above questions then please contact the Centre to discuss how we can help you.