Frequently Asked Questions

There’s likely to be a number of questions you would like to ask us, and we totally understand. Below you will find some questions that we find parents, whanau and support ask the most often.

How do I become a client?

Our Application Form and information about the Application Process can be found on our Contact Us page

Do I have to come every day?

Clients have the freedom to choose the programs they wish to participate in or select programs that closely align with their goals. Attendance for five days a week is not mandatory, as we understand that individuals have diverse goals, abilities, and commitments in their lives.

What times to programs start?

Our programs start at 9.30am each morning with the exception of Flatmates cooking which is on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am.

Can I have my support person join me at centre?

Clients are encouraged to participate in their programs to the best of their abilities, without support people to assist them.

Does Manaaki have school holidays? I'd like to go on holiday with my family

Our programs operate continuously throughout the year, without any breaks for school holidays. However, we strongly encourage our clients to take part in family vacations and trips, as we believe in the importance of enriching experiences through exploring the world and spending quality time with loved ones. If you have any travel plans, kindly inform us so that we can take note of your absence.

Can Manaaki find me a job?

Our focus is on upskilling and supporting clients to be work ready. This may include organizing volunteering or work experience opportunities for those wishing to explore these areas.

Can I attend both Manaaki and Te Pukanga at the same time?

You can participate in Manaaki’s programs on your days off, while attending courses at Te Pukanga and other tertiary organisations

Do we have to pay to attend Manaaki?

If you are currently receiving the Supported Living Benefit there is not cost to the family, for attending Manaaki.

Under Enabling Good Lives and Individualized Funding, there may be changes in the future. We will endeavor to keep families informed of any changes that may affect how our services are funded.

What is your stand on Bullying?

While Manaaki has a zero tolerance for bullying, we appreciate that everyone communicates differently and things can be misinterpreted from time to time.

We have clear guidelines that help clients understand bullying and raise awareness through involvement in  Pink Shirt Day and Anti Bullying Campaigns such as Cyber Safety, within our programs

What happens if someone displays bad behavior? Will they be stood down?

Client safety is very important to us. We have clear guidelines in the form of a colored system that helps guide our clients during times when they are struggling or have shown undesirable behavior. We have this well displayed in centre alongside our Manaaki Mantra that encourages everyone to be their best.

What is 'Transition'?

Transition is where select organisations help support students with a disability in their last years of Secondary School to explore their goals and options in the community.

If you would like more information, talk to us about how we can help you with your transition and the services.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

MAT has a Complaints Procedure. Correspondence can be directed to