About us

Manaaki Ability Trust (once known as Hutt Valley Disabled Resources Trust) was formed in 1981 and have been at the same address for the past 30 years, behind St Mark’s Church at 60 Woburn Road, Lower Hutt.

We started life as a trust, operating a sheltered workshop which was formed by parents who were concerned about their intellectually disabled children once they left school.

In 2005 the trust closed the workshop and started to provide a more holistic range of services. The Trust operates a vocational services programmes for people with physical and intellectual disabilities aged between 18-65 years living in the Wellington Region and a Transition Service for ORS funded students in their last year of college.

What does 'Manaaki' mean to us

Our name and branding represent the purpose of the Trust.

“Manaaki” means to support and care for each other through kindness, generosity and hospitality.

The word Manaaki derives from two root words in Te Reo Māori – “mana” and “āki.” Mana means the inherent dignity and life-force of each individual, āki means to encourage and challenge.

Our organisation prepares our clients for vocational work and voluntary service in the community. This is underpinned by a respect for the dignity and rights of people with disabilities to be contributing members of society. As a community and whānau, we encourage each other to do the best we can and to overcome each challenge as we reach our goals.

We support our clients to develop their talent, express their passion and learn new skills. The logo depicts a bird that is rising, symbolic for each individuals’ ability to soar and to aspire towards reaching their full potential.

We sum this up by simply saying, “you can!”


We value the innate dignity of the individual and their contribution to society.


All people with disabilities have the right to informed choice in any decisions affecting their lives.

Mission statement

We aim to develop in our clients a lasting enthusiasm for personal achievement and the confidence and ability to live and work to their fullest potential.

Annual Report

Each year we publish our Annual Report. To view our latest report, click here.