Vocational Programmes

Whether it’s creating a CV or creating your own micro enterprise, we offer programs that explore and support employment opportunities. Our vocational programmes help develop skills to support volunteering, work placement and employment opportunities.  We also offer introductory programmes in both Hospitality and Retail.  

Career Tech

Getting a job is a huge milestone for our clients. In career tech we see job searching as a learning journey about yourself. This exciting pathway focuses on:

  • Knowing your skills and qualities
  • Exploring different areas of employment
  • Building a CV & Cover letter
  • Understanding expectations in the workplace
  • Practicing job interview skills.

Trade Tech

A career in trades can offer an exciting opportunity to explore and learn new skills while earning a living. We look at what it takes to work in industries such as building and construction, hospitality, tourism, retail and much more.

We offer practical workspaces in our dedicated trade building and commercial kitchen to learn and practice basic skills and cover topics such as job responsibilities, health and safety, personal presentation and apprenticeships. If you are interested in exploring a trade then we invite you to join this programme

Think Big Micro Enterprise

Our Think Big – Micro Business Program focuses on supporting clients to set up and run a micro business similar to Young Enterprise.

Participants work in groups towards establishing their own micro business, learning the fundamentals of business while developing ideas into products. We explore our target audience, cost pricing, competition and more before taking their products to market.

The Savvy Training Series

Our Savvy programmes provide basic training and knowledge of both the retail and hospitality industries.

You might be interested in working in a cafe or restaurant. Hospo Savvy will give you the basic skills for how to be a good waiter/waitress and work in a fast-paced environment confidently. Part of this course is going to see an establishment where hospitality is a key focus of the daily operations.

In Retail Savvy you will learn skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and self-management skills, customer service and basic health and safety guidelines when in a retail environment.

Note: these programmes do not run for a full year and are scheduled according to demand.

To view our weekly timetable and see what days these programmes are on click here