The Arts

We encourage creativity, with our arts programmes covering everything from craft and art through to music, drama. and kapa haka. For those who love to sing and play instruments, we have our very own band – the Manaaki Misfits.

Creative Studio

Creative Studio is a new programme, designed to support and enhance the skills of those who already draw and paint. Participants will be encouraged to explore techniques and styles to enhance their artistic skills.


Choir is a for those passionate about singing, harmonizing and learning new songs. Increase your confidence through singing while having some fun! No previous experience required!

Strum & Base

Strum & Base caters to those who simply want to create music, focusing on rhythm and harmony while having fun playing a variety of instruments.

Learn the Recorder

In this group, participants learn how to play simple songs using the recorder. They will learn correct finger placement to play notes from a selection of easy-to-read musical songs.

Creative Craft

Creative craft is about using your imagination. Taking everyday items and turning them into something extraordinary. From creating props for our Drama department, to paper mache art installations, we try it all!

Creative Concepts

New skills and techniques are learned while discovering your creative potential. Bring your creative ideas and turn them into reality as an individual or group project. Guidance is provided in a number of mediums, and we encourage you to explore other mediums as having fun while being creative is what we are all about. Looking for something cool to put on your CV? Enter the IHC Art Awards! Every year our creative team enter the awards and they work very hard to produce top quality artwork.

Theatre Sports

Learn how to express emotions using facial expressions and body language, working towards creating a performance, we work together as a team to encourage and uplift each other and create confidence through a series of ice breaker games and drama skits/activities.

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